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Centrifugal Filtration Machine for Turbine Oil

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Turbine oil centrifuging filtration machine is capable to remove all the three types of contaminations (Solid, moisture and gases). 100% consumable free centrifuge is used for the removal of solid contamination as well as for free water.


Technical Specs:

• Flow rate up to 1000-5000 LPH

• Portable

• Sludge holding capacity varies from1- 10 Kgs

• Purifies up to sub micron level

• Moisture removal centrifuges- No consumables

• Solid removal centrifuge- No consumables

• Magnetic Strainer

• Degassing Chamber

• Heaters

• Control Panel



Models available according to different processing capacity:

1.) UOCP- 010- S

2.) UOCP- 020- S

3.) UOCP- 050- S