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Filtration Machine for Diesel

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Diesel Filtration machine is fully automatic portable fuel cleaning and filtration system based on centrifuge technology. It has 100% consumables free solid removal centrifuge.

The system houses as standard equipment, mainly a gear pump, motor, starter, several sensing and indicating equipments and centrifuge. The user has a choice to go for fitment of additional optional accessories like heating chamber, flame proof motor etc at extra cost.


Features :- 

• Available in different capacities:- 1000 to 5000 LPH

• Weather proof

• Flame proof

• High sludge holding capacity

• Very compact in size.

• Purify micron size impurities

• Very fast cleaning

• Able to remove solid moisture

• contaminates from fuel

• Fully automatic operation


Model available with different processing capacity:

1.) DOFP-010- S

2.) DOFP-020- S

3.) DOFP-050- S