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Filtration Machine for Coolant/Cutting Fluid

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Coolant/Cutting Fluid problems:

· As the fluid is contaminated by the chips and other fine impurities it is not able to perform its basic functions of cooling and lubrication properly.

· A common type of degradation is the formation of tramp oil, also known as sump oil, which is unwanted oil that has mixed with cutting fluid.

· This affects the, machining process adversely.

· It reduces the tool life and job final finish and accuracy.


Requirement of filtration machine:

· For proper machining operation the cutting fluid must be filtered and maintained properly thus life of the cutting tool will be increase by 30-40%.

· The filtered cutting oil will lead to better quality and will be improve leading to lesser rejection.


Features of the filtration system:

· Coolant processing rate varies from:- 1000- 5000 LPH

· Portable

· It helps to remove chips up to 100 micron from the tank

· Chips and fine dust removal is in 2 stages

· Collect dry chips also from the machine and shop floor

· Can be used as a vacuum cleaner on shop floor

· Increase the speed , efficiency safety of machine tools

· High vacuum capacity

· Coolant can get cleaned and does not require changing

· User Friendly


Models available according to different capacity:

1.) COFP-010-D

2.) COFP-020-D


3.) NOCP-010-P

4.) NOCP-020-P

4.) NOCP-050-P