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Centrifugal Filtration Machine for Quenching Oil

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1. Better quality/ surface finish of the part (no blackening effect or cracking)

2. Reduced post quenching treatment of parts.

3. No loss of production due to manual cleaning of quench oil tanks.

4. Saving of quenching oil as thick quenching oil burns fast.

5. No distortion of parts after heat treatment.

6. Continuous centrifuging of quenching oil ensures quality of quenching oil same as new and reduces disposal cost.

7. Eliminates smoking.


Features of the Quenching Oil filtration system:

This is the stand-alone completely portable filtration cart fitted with Motor and pump. It has 1 no. centrifuge which has been specially designed and developed for quenching oil cleaning. Centrifuge rotates upto 4000 RPM. COCA-20 processes - 2400 liters of quenching oil per hour. The centrifuge can hold up to 15-20 Kg of sludge.


The system has no recurring cost and no replacement component. It is absolutely maintenance expense free. Centrifuge requires periodic cleaning. Cleaning interval is fixed based on experience depending upon the degree of impurities present in quenching oil



· Available in process capacity from 1-10 KLPH

· 100% consumable free

· Zero wastage of Oil

· Sludge comes out in dry cake form (easy to dispose)

· Easy to operate (any unskilled person can operate)

· Compact in size (1 person can take it anywhere)

· Fast Filtration Process

Models Available of different processing capacity:

1.) QOCP-010-G

2.) QOCP-020-G
3.) QOCP-100-G 

4.) QOCP-010-P

5.) QOCP-020-P

The use of CbS portable oil centrifuging systems if used continuously as a part of proactive maintenance program will result in the above benefits. We guarantee this.