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Centrifugal Filtration Machine for Wire Drawing Oil

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Benefits are guaranteed with the use of 100% maintenance expense free wire drawing oil cleaning centrifuge system


· Reduces the friction between wire and die as well as heat removal at the die ensuring the die life enhancement to more than double

· Ensures the maximum speed of the wire drawing machine

· Helps production of bright finished wire

· Reduces the consumption of lubricant oil. Lubricant quality is maintained throughout the use of the oil by removing the material every day .

· Removal of suspended particles reduce the rate of the chemical reactions which break down the lubricants and lead to poor wire finish

· Metallic oxide present in the lubricant may cause scratching, die wear and wire breaks this situation is totally avoided.

· Repeat pump and motor failures are eliminated.

· Recovers the material up to 1% from the oil which otherwise gets lost with the oil resulting in the saving of many lakhs every month

· Reduces the electricity consumption

· Cost of the machine is recovered in 2-3 months time


The Centrifugal oil cleaning assembly works off line and continuously cleans the oil. Sludge and the material are accumulated inside the centrifuge bowl in the range of 10-20 Kg .


Many wire drawing companies are using the machines successfully and have confirmed the savings as stated above.


Features of the Wire drawing oil filtration system:

· Available in process capacity from 1000-5000 LPH

· 100% consumable free

· Zero wastage of Oil

· Sludge comes out in dry cake form (easy to dispose)

· Easy to operate (any unskilled person can operate)

· Compact in size (1 person can take it anywhere)

· Fast Filtration Process

Models available on different processing capacity:

1.) WOCP-010-G

2.) WOCP-020-G

3.) WOCP-010-P

4.) WOCP-020-P